Meet Scott

Name: Scott

Age: 63

Location: Iowa

Primary type of riding: Road

Riding specialty: Distance – century+

Years of riding experience: 10 years of serious riding after 35 years of running

When did symptoms start: 3/21/2019

What did initial symptoms feel like: Burning sensation, numbness – indoors static trainer

If known, presumed causes of pudendal neuralgia: Compressed nerve – cycling 4-5 days/week, Cycling Syndrome

Amount of time off the bike since injury: 1+ years

Symptoms: Current - Burning sensation, usually after urination mid-day, Past - couldn’t sit for 30min without pain

Treatment: PT, Acupuncture, EMDR, Egoscue Method, Biofeedback, Rolfing and Nerve Blocks

Recovery Status: Pain lowered from 7 to 2 at worst, pain free blocks of time, worse when sitting for long periods

Are you riding again: No

Personal note: Don’t give up, it’s very difficult finding a PT with skills to treat condition. I went to CA for treatment at the Sarton Clinic for 9-day extensive PT treatment program at 11-month mark, reduced pain considerably and taught me to self-treat.

I was originally mis-diagnosed with Prostatitis – very common, especially for older male athletes - treated with antibiotics for 90 days before finding a urologist to provide the correct diagnosis. Have seen 6 PTs and 4 urologists ranging from excellent to terrible. I did not use nerve pain meds – may or may not be a good idea? Lorimer Moseley has written excellent books on the science of pain and followed his approach.

Don’t ignore numbness, I was on my third seat for my indoor trainer, Zwift made riding for 3-4hr much more enjoyable but static trainer caused numbness that I didn’t experience outside – I wish I tried a rocker plate or didn’t ride through periods of numbness. I was a nationally ranked collegiate runner who has experienced several injuries, including Achilles tear. PN is by far my worst sports injury.

Finally – you’re not alone, I have read that 8% of serious riders may experience PN. Reaching out to others has helped the mental side of this injury – thankful to have met Kate to compare treatments notes.

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