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Meet Fisher

Name: Fisher

Location: California

Primary type of riding: Road, Mountain, Track

Riding specialty: Field sprints, attacks

Years of riding experience: 4

When did symptoms start: Winter 2019

What did initial symptoms feel like: General sense of lasting pressure on/off bike with sporadic ‘shooting’ sensations while seated in saddle

If known, presumed causes of pudendal neuralgia: Likely a combination of aggressive saddle-to-bar drop, poor bike fit, and lackluster recovery management.

Amount of time off the bike since injury: 1 year



- Spasms in bulbocavernosus muscle

- General sense of pressure in pelvis (like sitting on a lacrosse ball or similar object)

- Discomfort with wearing tight clothing or during 5+ hour rides

- Noticeable pressure to urinate


- Physical therapies:

> Osteopathic manipulation, Pelvic-specific physical therapy.

>Off-bike emphasis on pre-ride activation (particularly banded work with glutes) and recovery (foam rolling and stretching) > Bike fit and position analysis

- Lifestyle changes:

> Greater importance on relaxation and maintaining a macro view of the equilibrium of life stressors > Deep breathing exercises emphasizing intra-abdominal pressure > Switching coaches and training philosophies

Recovery Status: Majority of symptoms have subsided. I have begun training again and have ridden back into a competitive level of fitness. Racing is underway for 2020.

Are you riding again: Yes


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