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Our Goals

  • Generate pudendal neuralgia awareness within the cycling community

  • Centralize information for cyclists

  • Share other cyclist’s experiences with pudendal neuralgia to:

    • Learn from other riders

    • Normalize transparency and reduce isolation

    • Give a voice to this rider segment


Overview of PN

Overview of PN

Overview of PN

Overview of PN

This information is intended to be a brief introduction of pudendal neuralgia and was not written by a medical professional. Please note that this information should not be substituted for professional medical advice. Please speak with your medical care provider regarding questions or concerns about pudendal neuralgia or other medical conditions.

  • Don’t keep riding through saddle pain
    You’re tough. You’re a cyclist and suffering is your pride and joy. This is an area where pain is NOT ok. Bike fits can be expensive but they’re crucial to ensure you’re staying healthy. If you’re experiencing pain that isn’t muscular (pain that feels like burning, shooting, aching, tingling), stop before things get worse and get a professional fit. Tell your fitter all the symptoms you’re experiencing, even if you consider them embarrassing or uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself.
  • Don’t panic
    Stress and anxiety will heighten symptoms of pudendal neuralgia, so if you do in fact have it, panicking will make you feel a whole lot worse. This is much easier said than done, but seriously, try to relax. You will find answers and you will be fine. Meditate, learn to relax your body, take CBD, do whatever you need to do to chill out.
  • Don’t try to self-diagnose through the internet
    When you search the internet about health issues, it will lead you down many dark holes that usually end with “you have cancer”. Don’t do it. Searching the internet can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, which will exacerbate your symptoms. Seek out a medical professional instead.

Additional Resources

There are some great resources written by medical professionals for more in-depth information on pudendal neuralgia. Check out these recommended resources:

Find a Pelvic Health Specialist

Finding a pelvic health specialist can feel daunting. There are several online resources to help aid in your search. The below resources were gathered by Kelly Sammis, DPT, OCS, CLT in her article Pudendal Neuralgia + Cycling Syndrome.


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